Author = Faridhosseini, Farhad
Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral stress management on anxiety, depression and quality of life in patients with psoriasis

Volume 59, Issue 5, November and December 2016, Pages 337-344

Farhad Faridhosseini; marziye torkamani; poran layegh; yalda nehedi; mahsa nahidi

The effects of adding topiramate compared with placebo in reducing withdrawal symptoms in opioid-dependent patients

Volume 57, Issue 2, May and June 2014, Pages 464-472

Alireza Zahiroddin; Hanif Sadeghi; Jamal Shams; Amir Rezaei Ardani; Ali Nikjoo; Sepideh Rajazi; Mahdieh Borhani Moghani; Mohammad Sadeghi Bimorgh; Farhad Faridhosseini