Author = Azita Amirfakhraei
Efficacy of Emotional Self-Regulation Training on the Life Quality and Resilience of Those Recuperated from Covid 19

Volume 66, Issue 3, September and October 2023

mojtaba mahmodi nodezh; azita amirfakhraei; abdolvahab samavi

Favorable Scenario of Divorce Situation in Future Generations of Iranian Family in 20 Years Perspective

Volume 64, Issue 6, March and April 2022, Pages 4148-4160

Maryam Sadat Kolahi; Azita Amirfakhraei; Eghbal Zarei

Effectiveness of Imago therapy on The Idealism and Inefficient Attitudes of the Women with Marital Conflict with Early Maladaptive Schemata

Volume 64, Issue 3, September and October 2021, Pages 3278-3291

Farzaneh Bidari; Azita Amirfakhraei; Eghbal Zareei; Keramat Keramati

Efficacy of Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on the Infertility Stress and Depression in the Infertile Couples

Volume 61, Issue 6, May and June 2019, Pages 3127-3136

Maryam Starabadi; Azita Amirfakhraei; keramat keramati; Abdolvahab Samavi