Author = Foroughi pour, M
Fuzzy expert system for medical diagnosis of common headaches

Volume 59, Issue 5, November and December 2016, Pages 293-301

monireh khayamnia; Mohamad reza Yazdchi; Aghile Heidari; Mohsen Frughi pur

Assessment of disability (EDSS) and liver complications in multiple sclerosis patients treated by Recigen in comparison with Betaferon.

Volume 57, Issue 5, September and October 2014, Pages 669-675

Mohsen Foroughipour; Mohamadmahdi Etemadi; Karim Nikkhah; Azadeh Afzalnia; Nazanin Hazrati; Fatemeh Ebadi; Mohamadtaghi Farzadfard

The association of headaches with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome diagnose at the sleep laboratory of Ebn-e-Sina hospital in Mashhad

Volume 56, Issue 6, January and February 2014, Pages 323-329

Fariborz Rezaeitalab; Mohsen Foroughipour; Payam Sasannejad; Fatameh Moharrari; Mohammad Taghi Farzadfard; Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi Mirzaei

Effect of Instructions for Internal and Far and Near External Focus of Attention on Balance of Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Volume 56, Issue 1, March and April 2013, Pages 15-20

Fateme Dusti; Mohsen Frughi pur; Mehdi Sohrabi; Hamid reza Taheri; Morteza Saeidi; Samane Tymuri

Neuropsychiatric Manifestations in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Volume 50, Issue 4, November and December 2008, Pages 355-360

M Saghafi; M Forughipour; Z Rezayi Yazdi; A Sakhdari; P Ahmadi Moghadam

Evaluation of Visual Evoked Potentials’ Findings in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Volume 51, Issue 4, November and December 2008, Pages 203-208

Mohsen Froughipoor; Alireza Khosravi; Morteza Saedi; Faranak Koranian

Investigation of Antipsychotic Induced Parkinsonism in Patients with Schizophrenia

Volume 50, Issue 2, July and August 2007, Pages 123-130

GH Ahmadzadeh; M Forooghipoor; M Babaeian; S. Rezaie

Effects of Oxybutynin and Detrusitol on Urinary Dysfunction of MS Patients

Volume 51, Issue 1, March and April 2007, Pages 7-12

M Foroughi pour; R Mahdavi; P Sasannezhad; M Alavi; E Yahiaei