Author = Ahmadi, Reza
comparison of the effectiveness of neurofeedback therapy and schema therapy on perfectionism of people with social anxiety in shahinshahr

Volume 65, Issue 3, May and June 2022, Pages 1020-1035

Niloufar Beigi Harchegani; Tayebeh sharifi; Mohammad Nikkhah; Reza Ahmadi

Efficacy of Positive thinking training on the Female Adolescents’ Perceived Social Support in the Town of Sar-E-Pol-E-Zahab

Volume 65, Issue 4, May and June 2022

jalal moulaei; maryam chorami; tayyebeh sharifi; reza ahmadi

Effectiveness of Emotional Self-Regulation Training on Experiential Avoidance and Impulsivity of Female Students with Difficulty in Emotional Regulation

Volume 64, Issue 6, March and April 2022

Narges Javadian Ghomi; Tayebeh Sharifi; Shahram Mashhadi Zadeh; Reza Ahmadi

Effectiveness of Group Narration Therapy on the Resilience and Depression Symptoms of the Mothers of the Children with Hearing Damage

Volume 64, Issue 6, March and April 2022

khadijeh fouladi; reza ahmadi; tayyebeh sharifi; Ahmad ghazanfari

Efficacy Of Positive Psychotherapy on the Psychological Empowerment and Promotion of Behaviors Health of Female Nurses with Anxiety Symptoms

Volume 64, Issue 5, March and April 2022, Pages 4160-4173

Mojgan Navab Daneshmand; Tayebeh Sharifi; Shahram Mashhadi Zadeh; Reza Ahmadi

Effectiveness of Training Self-Differentiation on the Aggression and Experiential Avoidance in the Adolescents Engaged In Divorce with Externalized Behavior

Volume 64, Issue 1, March and April 2021, Pages 2587-2598

Sahar Bayati Eshkaftaki; Reza Ahmadi; Maryam Chorami; Ahmad Ghazanfari

Effectiveness of Mindfulness Therapy on Mental Vitality and Cognitive Emotion Regulation in the Patients with Migraine

Volume 63, Issue 6, January and February 2021, Pages 2175-2185

mahdieh shafinaderi; Tayebeh Shafeie Naderi; Ahmad ghazanfari; reza ahmadi

Effectiveness of Act on The Psychological Flexibility and Perfectionism in Second high School Female Students with Exam Anxiety

Volume 63, Special Psychology, May and June 2020, Pages 62-73

Masomeh Mardani garmdareh; Ahmad Ghazanfari; Reza Ahmadi; Tayebeh Sharifi