Agreed divorce among the Arab tribes of Ahwaz

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PHD Student in Women's Studies in Women's Rights in Islam - University of Religions and Relations

2 Assistant Professor, Faculty Member, Shahid Beheshti University

3 Assistant Professor, Faculty Member, Allameh Tabatabai University

4 Assistant Professor, Faculty Member, Qom University of Religions and Religions


Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate consensual divorce among Arab Iranians living in Ahvaz than other cities in the country. Therefore, the issue of consensual divorce is of special importance in family studies. This study tries to find the causes of consensual divorce among The tribes of Iranians have been Arabized.
Methods: The type of study was conducted by a quantitative and qualitative combination of questionnaire and interview tools. The statistical population included 650 cases of consensual divorces of couples and 8 cases of Arab sheikhs of Ahvaz. In this study, information was extracted from the existing divorce registration offices in Ahvaz in the period of summer 1396 to summer 1397. The sample size was determined by calculating the Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 277 items, however, 300 cases were considered to reduce the error level. Data collection was done through questionnaires and interviews and the questions were self-made and sought to assess the objective facts that were done by focusing on variables and without evaluation and with the independence of the context.
Conclusion: The results of examining the research hypotheses showed; Factors of forced marriage at a young age, imposing difficult tasks on women, extramarital affairs, spousal violence against women, support of sheikhs and tribal elders, belief in sexual preference, have had a positive effect on consensual divorce. The hypotheses of this study were using analysis of variance and Pearson correlation coefficient and in abundance. The level of significance is 0.000 which is calculated with an error of 0.05. However, its validity has been confirmed by structural and face content method and the reliability of the measurement has been confirmed by Cronbach's alpha formula (0.796).
Consensual divorce among Ahwazi Iranians of Ahwaz has distinctive features compared to consensual divorce and its common meaning, so that this divorce is influenced by the subcultures governing ethnic and tribal life and the factors affecting it apart from individual desires to ethnic prejudices, eliminate. The compromises of some anomalies have been family deviations, revenge, murder and bloodshed. In the meantime, the sheikhs and elders of each tribe played the role of mediators, and in terms of the form and meaning of divorce, an agreement between these tribes had a different nature, which is mentioned in this study.