Investigating the relative importance of spiritual intelligence on the resilience of the personnel of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology with the role of emotional mediation.


1 Master of Psychology, Farvardin Higher Education Institute, Ghaemshahr

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Public Management, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

3 PhD in Psychology, Department of Psychology, Farvardin Institute of Higher Education, Ghaemshahr


The aim of this study was to explain the correlation and causal relationships of spiritual intelligence with organizational resilience and emotional operations. The statistical population includes all the headquarters of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Tehran and their number is 370 people. To select the sample size according to the Chrissy-Morgan table, the sample size was selected, and 186 questionnaires were collected. A standard questionnaire was used to assess the structures and the validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by obtaining additional advice and opinions of faculty members in this field and strengthening the reliability of the instrument using Cronbach's alpha coefficient. To analyze the raw data, descriptive statistics were used to classify, prepare graphs and tables of information on the characteristics of demographic characteristics. The research observations showed that the degree of relationship and correlation between the components of spiritual intelligence is positive and significant and also the findings of structural equations indicate that spiritual intelligence on organizational resilience directly with path coefficient (β = 0.79) and T coefficient (5.76). > T = 1.96) and spiritual intelligence on emotional commitment with (β = 0.42) and with a score of T (T = 1.96< 2.51) and emotional commitment on organizational resilience with path coefficient and are effective with a score of (T = 1.96< 2.31). Finally, the results of Johnson's relative importance model showed that the components of spiritual intelligence explain 54.1% of changes in emotional commitment and 74.5% of changes in organizational resilience.