Explaining the role of emergency medical specialist on the performance of the emergency department at Peymanieh Hospital in Jahrom before and after deployment: A qualitative study

Document Type : Research Paper


Research Center for Non-Communicable Diseases, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom, Iran


Introduction: The specialty of emergency medicine is actually a multidisciplinary study that interacts with almost all other specialized fields.
Methodology: The present study was conducted using a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach, which is the study of Peymaniyeh Hospital and Professor Motahari (RA) Jahrom. The mayor of the hospital, the supervisor of the emergency department and the person in charge of improving the quality of the hospital were formed. Data collection was done by semi-structured interview method with open questions, which reached the saturation limit with the participation of 9 people, and the 7-step Claysey method was used for data analysis.
Findings: Based on the opinions and experiences of the participants in the study, in the matter of explaining the role of emergency medicine specialist in providing services in the emergency department; 6 main themes (management and leadership, improving the quality of service delivery, patient satisfaction, economic benefits, developing team and interdepartmental cooperation, and improving education) were obtained with 33 sub-themes. Also, 25 components were extracted in the issue of obstacles and facilitating factors in providing services.
Conclusion: The results of this study showed that among the five roles that are expected from emergency medicine graduates; Specialists have been more successful in playing caring, managerial, consulting and educational roles, and the role of research has been weaker.


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