The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management Training on Anxiety and Blood Pressure Control in Hypertensive Men

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD in educational psychology, Lorestan University, consultant and teacher in education in Kamiyaran city, Kamyaran, Iran

2 Senior expert in clinical psychology, Bukan Azad University, teacher in education in Bukan city, Bukan, Iran.

3 Senior expert in clinical psychology, Bukan Azad University, teacher in education in Bukan city,Bukan, Iran


this study aimed to investigate the efectiveness of cognitive behavioral stress management training on reducing anxiety and hypertension in hypertensive men.This is a pre-test and post-test pre-test with control group. The statistical population in this study was all men over 35 years old with hypertension referring to Tohid Hospital in Sanandaj during the second half of 2019. In order to conduct this research, 30 hypertension men over 35 years old were selected by available sampling method. The instrument was the Stress Scale (DASS-42). Data were analyzed using ANOVA one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) by SPSS twenty version.The results of this study showed that stress management training in cognitive-behavioral way was significantly different between the groups in the research variables (p ≥0/005.( This means that cognitive-behavioral stress management training has led to stress management and control of men's blood pressure in the experimental group.
Cognitive-behavioral stress management training for men with hypertension in the Tohid Hospital of Sanandaj has been shown to reduce symptoms of stress and high blood pressure in them. This treatment increases the ability of individuals to adapt to stressful situations and teaches a combination of contraceptive techniques and cognitive-behavioral techniques to control stress and blood pressure.
Keywords: Cognitive-behavioral stress management, Anxiety, Blood pressure.


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