Comparing The Dark traits Of Personality,Body Image And Resilience In Perfectionist And Non-Perfectionist Male Athletes

Document Type : Research Paper


1 M.A,Clinical Psychology ,Department of Psychology, Lahajan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lahajan,Iran.

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Lahajan Branch , Islamic Azad University, Lahajan ,Iran.


Introduction: The present study was conducted with the aim of comparing the dark traits of personality, body image and resilience in perfectionist and non-perfectionist male athletes in Rasht city. The present descriptive research method is causal-comparative. The statistical population of the present study was all perfectionist and non-perfectionist male athletes in 2018-2019.
Materials and Methods: In this research, the number of 150 perfectionist and non-perfectionist male athletes from football, basketball, athletics, bodybuilding and other professional sports were selected by available sampling method, the information was based on demographic questions and endurance Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (1991), body image concern, Littleton et al. (2005), Jonason and Webster's (2010) dark personality traits, and Terry-Short et al.'s positive and negative perfectionism (1995) have been collected and analyzed. In this research, to test hypotheses and to compare two groups, univariate ANOVA and multivariate ANOVA and SPSS version 18 software were used for analysis.
Results: The results of statistical analysis showed that there is a significant difference between resilience and body image in two groups (P<0.01). Also, no significant difference was observed between the dark traits of personality (Machiavellianism and antisocial) in perfectionist and non-perfectionist male athletes (P<0.01). there was a significant difference in the variable of narcissistic personality in the two groups (P<0.01).
Conclusion: According to the above results, it can be concluded that perfectionist male athletes have obtained more scores in the variable of narcissistic personality and show more fear of body image than the non-perfectionist group. Sports express the correct and natural psychological development of people and cause athletes to move away from the focus of individualism and anti-socialism.