Evaluation of Intralesional Verapamil Injection Efficacy in Peyronie's Disease

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1 Urologist & Fellowship of endo-urology

2 Professor of urology

3 professor of urology & fellowship of endo – urology

4 Postgraduate student of urology (urology resident)


To determine efficacy of intralesional injection of verapamil in improvement of symptoms and signs of peyronie's disease
Materials and Methods
In this study 27 patients were assessed of them 23 with single plaque of peyronie’s disease and the mean age of 50.2 years (21-72 years) underwent a total of 12 intralesional injection of verapamil. Before treatment, 16 patients (69.9 %) had pain, 23 patients (100%) penile induration, 19 patients (82.6%) penile curvature and 20 patients (86.9%) experienced erectile dysfunction. Then 3 months after injections, symptoms and signs of patients evaluated again.
Pain resolved in 16 patients (100%), penile nodularity and chordea reduced in 18 (81%) and 14 patients (73.7%) respectively. Erectile dysfunction improved in 13 patients (65%). One patient (4.3%) found new penile nodularity in the opposite side of the initial nodule
Intralesional injection of verapamil is a simple and effective method in patients with peyronie's disease that have not responded to oral medication.


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