Traumatic Obstruction of Duodenum (Report of 2 Cases)

Document Type : Case report



Duodenal hematoma occurs rarely due to blunt or penetrating trauma and it may cause intestinal obstruction. Half of the patients with duodenal hematoma show symptoms of obstruction 48 hours after trauma. After ruling out other visceral injuries, treatment is essentially conservative and laparoscopic or surgical drainage is rarely necessary.
Case Report
Firstcasewas a 16-year-old man who referred to the hospital with abdominal pain, vomiting and tenderness of upper abdominal quadrant, 2 days after blunt abdominal trauma. Diagnosis was made with CT scan and upper GI radiography. After 10 days of conservative treatment, patient was discharged from hospital in a good condition. The second case was a 25-year-old man who referred to the hospital 3 days after blunt abdominal trauma. Patient symptoms were; vomiting, pain and tenderness in upper abdominal regions. Diagnosis was made with ultrasonography, CT scan and upper GI contrast radiography. After 6 days of conservative therapy he tolerated oral diet and was discharged from hospital with good condition.
Trauma is not a common cause of alimentary tract occlusion. If obstructive symptoms appear after trauma, the hematoma of intestine particularly duodenum must be considered. The protocol for conservative therapy of hematoma includes: 1) Early diagnosis and ruling out any duodenal leakage through upper GI radiography at admission and 5-7 days later, 2) On time diagnosis of associated injuries like pancreatic injuries, 3) Parenteral nutrition and intravenous hyperalimentation if needed.


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