QuantitativeRelationship between Alpha Rhythm and Intelligence Quotient

Document Type : Research Paper




ntroduction: One of the indices that may be influenced in brain diseases, is Intelligence Quotient or IQ. Since many years ago, it has been tried to provide a method in order to quantify intelligence as an index for diagnosis & prognosis of the disease. Weksler psychological tests are now of the best methods of determining Intelligence. However, weksler has some limitation such as being time consuming and also need of the individual's attention & cooperation. This Study aimed to evaluate the relationship between alpha brain rhythm and IQ.
Materials and Methods: In this descriptive investigation done on 71 school boys aged 10 years in Neurology Research Center of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, WISC – R intelligence test & quantitative EEG were used. And the results of the intelligence test in 3 items of total score, practical test and verbal test compared to Alfa – rhythm in different brain regions and also mean distribution & frequency peak Alpha indices. In order to realize the relationship between IQ and Alpha – rhythm, spearman correlation test was used.
Results: The results of this study showed that there was an obvious association between IQ and Brain mapping abnormalities, this means abnormal mapping related to a lower IQ. There was an obvious association between IQ, disrhythmia and EEG, it means that disrhythmia related to a lower IQ.
Conclusion: Quantitative EEG findings may be used as factors for IQ interpretation.