Markel ‍Cell Carcinoma on Mustard Gas Scar:a Case Report

Document Type : Case report




ntroduction: Merkel cell carcinoma(MCC) is a rare primary neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin in elderly individuals, on sun exposed areas of the body, with the head and neck being the most common sites. Excessive ultraviolet exposure may play an etiologic role in the development of it. Exposure to mustard gas can cause skin reactions and increase risk of skin neoplasms and probably MCC. The Aim of this study was to report this interesting case and review the published literature on MCC.
Case report: In this article a 60 year old man with a history of exposure to chemical warfare sulphur Mustard gas in Iraq-Iran conflict and development of a hemorrhagic nodular mass with a duration of 3 months on his scalp, that based on histology, immunohistochemical staining and was diagnosed as MCC is presented.
Conclusion: This was the first reported case of merkel cell carcinoma in Iran exposed to sulphur Mustard gas. Sulphur Mustard gas can be an etiologic factor for this tumour.