A case report of Alveolar Echinococcosis

Document Type : Case report




ntroduction: Echinococcus multilocularis is the cause of alveolar hydatic cysts in intermediate host, found in the liver and lungs. Alveolar hydatid diseas is the most lethal of helminthic diseases, with radical surgery still being the only curative therapy. The aim of this study was to report a splenic alveolar hydatic cyst.
Case Report: The patient was a 62 years old man, from a rural region of Ghochan, Khorasan Province, Iran, who was referred to surgeon, complaining left upper quadran abdominal pain. In CT scan 2 cysts were seen in the right lobe of liver and a septal cyst in spleen. After operation, evacuating and unroofing of the liver cysts, splenectomy was performed.
Diagnosis was based on pathologic and histologic examinations. In macroscopic examination spleen was massive and cystic, composed of multiple irregular cysts with infiltrative appearance.
The inner part of cysts contained brown necrotic and gelatinous material, at microscopic examination there was a thin acellular laminated layer but the germinal layer and protoscolex were not seen. After a week the patient recovered and left the hospital with good general condition.
Conclusion: In conclusion, the presence of this case showed that life cycle of echinococcus multilocularis can be completed in this province. Medical managers and practitioners must notice this disease as a differential diagnosis for malignant of liver and spleen, as well as for prevention and control of the disease itself.