Surgical Ttreatment of Chest Wall Tumours

Document Type : Research Paper



Introduction: Chest wall tumor is an uncommon malignancy; and incomplete diagnosis and resection and inability to reconstruction of expanded chest wall defect after resection, Causes mortality and morbidity in patients. Academic surgery provides the best choice for the patients, and surgery technique should be based on the individual characteristics. This study was done to evaluate the surgery results of chest wall tumors and to report the operated cases.
Material and Methodes: The descriptive research was performed in Tehran Valiasr Hospital and Ghaem Hospital (Mashhad University of Medical Sciences) from 1995 to 2003 (9 years) and 61 patients have been evaluated in retrospective study. Individual, clinical, laboratory, treatment and complication data were gathered in a questionnaire and analyzed by descriptive statistics.
Resultes: 28 (45.9%) patients had primary chest wall malignancy, 4 (6.55%) patients had metastatic tumors, 10 (16.39%) patients had benign tumors, 16 (26.22%) patients had inflammatory disease and 3 (4.9%) had undiagnosed pattern.
Conclusion: Results of our study and also review of other articles recommended that wide enblock exiscion of chest wall tumors with appropriate reconstruction is the best method of treatment.


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