Investigating the mediating role of parents' lifestyle

Document Type : Research Paper


1 department of psychology, arsanjan branch,Islamic Azad university,arsanjan,iran

2 Asisstant Prof. Department of Psychology, Marvdasht Branch, Islamic Azad University

3 department of psychology, arsanjan branch, islamic Azad university, arsanjan, iran


The purpose of this study was to investigate the mediating role of parents' lifestyle in the process and family content of male and female high school students in Shiraz. The present study was applied in terms of purpose and correlational in terms of how to collect descriptive information. In this study, according to the nature of hypotheses, correlation research can be considered as structural equation modeling (path analysis) in which the internal relations between variables in the form of model discovery and explanation and the purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between structures The latent was exogenous and endogenous in the model. Data collection methods included family process and content questionnaires (Samani, 2005), as well as the Walker et al. (1987) Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire. The statistical population included all male and female high school students in Shiraz in 1998-99. The sample size was selected by systematic random sampling using Cochran's formula, which was estimated to be 382 people. In order to analyze the data, descriptive statistical methods such as frequency distribution tables, mean calculation, standard deviation and inferential statistics including Pearson correlation test and path analysis were used. The results showed that parents' lifestyle is predictable based on the process and content of the family