Efficacy of Training Philosophy for Children on the Empathy of 9-12-Year-Old Children

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD Student in Psychology, Department of Counseling, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Professor, Department of psychology, Basir Institute of Higher Education, Abyek, Ghazvin, Iran


The present study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of training philosophy for children on the empathy of 9-12-year-old children. The present study was quasi-experimental with pretest, posttest and control group design method. Two-month follow-up period was implemented too. The statistical population of the present study included 9-11-year-old children in the city of Tehran in academic year 2021-22. Thirty two children with low empathy were selected through purposive sampling method and randomly accommodated into experimental and control groups. The experimental group received twelve sixty-minute sessions of training philosophy for children during one-and-a-half months. The applied questionnaires included Empathy Scale (ES) (Jolliffe, Farrington, 2006). The collected data were analyzed through mixed ANOVA and Bonferroni test via SPSS23 software. The results showed that training philosophy for children has significant effect on empathy (F=34.87, Eta-0.54, P<0001) of 9-11-year-old children. According to the findings of the study it can be concluded that training philosophy for children can be used as an efficient method to improve the children’s empathy through employing deep conversation and creating internal empowerment in the child.


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